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Appointment Checklist

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. The following should be brought with you to your appointment.

You may print the form and complete it before coming into the office.

View and Download the Client Intake Form

What should I bring?

  • ┬áMost Recent Tax Return Filed
    • If this is your first time filing or you don’t have access to prior year return, please call our office for instruction
  • Social Security Number
    • For yourself, spouse, and dependents ( Including children, parents, and others )
    • Valid ID ( Driver’s license preferred )
  • Void or Blank Check
    • If you are expecting to do an automatic deposit or withdrawal
  • Divorce Decree ( If applicable )
  • W-2 Form(s) for Wages, Salaries, and Tips
  • Form 1099-MISC or NEC for Miscellaneous or Other Income
  • Form 1099-G for State Tax Refunds or Unemployment Compensation
  • Form 1099-INT for Interest Income Statements
  • Form 1099-DIV for Dividend Income Statements
  • Form 1099-B Sales of Stock, Land, etc. for Capital Gains
  • Form 1099-S for Sales of Real Estate
  • Form 1099-R Retirement, Pension, and Annuity Income
  • Form 1099-SSA Social Security Income Statement
  • Business Income and Expenses
  • Rental Income and Expenses
  • Farm Income and Expenses
  • Form K-1 Income from Partnerships, S-Corporations, and Trusts/Estates
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